We spotted BEGITTA at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival and were blown away by the ethereal dresses and bold, but feminine headpieces.

Creator, BEGITTA STOLK, says her collection is inspired by enchanted fairytales and whimsical fantasy. Using hand-embellishments and exquisite details on both her designs and millinery, we think this Gold Coast local is one to watch!

So we rounded up one of our favourite models, TESS CAESAR, along with make-up artist, KYLIE EUSTACE from KYLIE’S PROFESSIONALS, and FashionTV Australia photographer, ANDREW PLACE, and headed to EMERALD LAKES to show just how beautiful these soft, floaty garments are.

Here are the results!




  1. Kylie Eustace (Reply) on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Love it <3


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