I’ve met Chloe Maxwell a few times now, and the one thing I always notice is her beautiful smile, partly because I’ve never seen her without it!

The busy mum of two, model,┬áco-founder of the charity 4asdkids (supporting children with autism and their families) and now author (she recently released a book called “Living with Max” about her experiences with her son having autism) somehow always manages to look incredibly stylish and well put together.

The statuesque brunette took time out from her busy schedule to share some of her style tips. Thanks Chloe!

Chloe, how would you describe your style?

I’m probably a bit schizophrenic, it depends on the day what I dress like. I like lots of different things, I like vintage inspired outfits, but then I love couture and stuff like that. I also am a mum so sometimes I like being comfortable and practical. I don’t think I can pin it down to one description.

What advice would you give to somebody trying to coordinate their wardrobe?

I spend a lot of money on things I would wear a lot of, like jeans and shoes.I think you can never have too many pairs of tights, especially if you’re a mum, you can swap your top part and look different every day. Jeans and shoes are something you can spend a lot money on, but the rest is interchangeable you don’t really need to spend a fortune.

How important is it to keep on trend?

I think some fashion doesn’t suit everybody so it depends on how you feel and how comfortable you are wearing that style. There are certain things that are in fashion now that I wouldn’t wear myself as I wouldn’t feel comfortable in them but I see them on other girls and think “Wow, they look amazing”. Different styles suit different body shapes.

Is there one thing in your wardrobe that is very special?

I have a Christian Dior suit that’s a skirt and jacket that I just love. It’s complete fitted and tailored. I bought it in New York years ago and I just love it. I’ll wear the jacket with jeans, you can sort of interchange it a bit.

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