It’s so easy to get stuck in a make-up rut and wear the same colours and style each day. So I was thrilled when Kylie’s Professional sent in this tip on how to create this glamorous 1950’s style look with a modern twist using Mineral Goddess products!

Sultry Mineral Goddess
1. Apply a fine Coat of Mineral Goddess Foundation Primer, complete Base with Consealer, Foundations’Angel’ & ‘Aphrodite’, use ‘Sacred’ for Contouring & Setting Powder
2. Apply Eye and Lip Primer to the eyelids before Eyeshadow application
3. Apply Mineral Eyeshadow – ‘Whitelight’ ‘to the eyelid stopping at the crease. Also apply
just below the brow bone
4. Next, blend Eyeshadow- ’Smokey‘ all the way across the crease line of the eyes using Mineral Goddess #6 Dome small crease brush. Gently blend the edges of the line being careful not to over blend.
In addition, use wet Eyeshadow- ’Smokey‘to line ¾ of the way across the bottom lash line.
5. Use ’Black’ – Mineral Mascara and #14 Fine pointed liner brush to line the top lash line. Wing your line out and slightly up making sure, the tip of the line is a fine point.
6. Use Eyeshadow- ‘Coffeebean’ to define Eyebrows
7. Use Minimal Blush a very fine dust of ‘‘Bloom’
8. Line the lips with Lip Pencil ‘# ‘6 Fire’ Use #‘14 Red’ lipstick, with # ‘3 Lush’ (Deep Dusty Rose)
Creamy Lip-gloss
9. Apply Mineral Eyelash Primer & Three Coats of Mascara

  1. Skye Fagan (Reply) on Monday 23, 2012

    Awsome shot! Love the make-up look! Was such a fun shoot!
    skye x


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