As usual, CUPCAKE FASHION put on a fabulous affair when they held a VIP SHOPPING NIGHT at their store at PACIFIC FAIR. With a table of lollies, hair styling tips and a fashion parade showcasing their latest stock, it was a sweet success.

Here are a few snaps of some of the evenings most stylish.

 Cupcake Fashion

Top left: Georgina Whitcroft and Piikachu, Top Right: Amber-Leah Schilder, Janakaha Reid, Hannah Taylor and Brooke Hicks.

Bottom left: Gabrielle, Louise and Madeleine Epstein, Bottom right: David Whitcroft and Hannah Miles

 Gabrielle Epstein and Ally Carey

Gabrielle Epstein (l) and Ally Carey

Madeleine Epstein and Miriah Field

 Madeleine Epstein (l) and Miriah Field

Cupcake Fashion

Top: Charlotte Watson and Miriah Field

Bottom: Gabrielle Epstein and Mollie Miles

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