For Cynthia Coetzer working in fashion was a childhood dream. Yet is wasn’t until she was in her forties that the former beauty salon owner took the leap of faith and entered the industry. Along with her husband and daughter, she decided to relocate from Central Queensland and enrol full-time in a fashion design course. “When my daughter finished high school she didn’t want to stay there (Central Queensland) being so industrial, so we made the decision to move here so she could study..and I thought, while I’m here I may as well do something for me”, says Cynthia.

Designer Cynthia Coetzer

The move paid off and it wasn’t long before she launched her own label, an elegant line of clothes catering for the mature woman.”My target market is thirty plus so I’m not targeting the younger market and I feel that by having sophisticated, classical looks, especially in todays environment, people know that can wear the item again and again, it’s a timeless classic”, says Cynthia.

Cynthia is one of a group of emerging designers etching their way into the industry with the help of a Gold Coast City Council lead project, BusinessGC Fashion Incubator. It’s a program developed a few years ago to boost local talent into the notoriously competitive world of fashion. Under the scheme, fourteen up-and-coming individuals share a retail store at Sanctuary Cove. They split the rent and take turns manning the counter. Council then adds support, providing them with resources to create advertising campaigns, and organising events to help get exposure.

Cynthia is in store every Saturday in the hope of gaining a personal relationship with her clients. “My main thing is getting the fit right. People can come in and try my clothes on to find out their size – if they’re a size 10 in my designs, they will always be a size 10. It also helps me as when they try it on I can see “Wow, maybe I need to change my necklines a bit or my waist might be too tight”.

You can find Cynthia at the BusinessGC Fashion Incubator Boutique, Shop 42B Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove or go to her website

Business GC Fashion Incubator


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