Tristan and Sarah with their designs teamed with shoes from SHUESHUE

If  you’re into edgy, street style fashion, then CÒR is for you. This line of slightly darker, raw men and women’s clothing and jewellery is the brain child of design duo, Aussie TRISTAN BARTSCH and Danish born SARAH BOCK. “COR is the Latin word for ‘heart’ and that is what this label represents to us”, says SARAH, “We’ve put our hearts and souls into it. After wanting to do a high end label for so long, Tristan came up with the idea to do a ‘cheaper’ label but without sacrificing style and creativity. And that’s how CÒR was born”.

Tristan and Sarah met in Sydney seven years ago. They then moved back to Sarah’s hometown Copenhagen for a few years before settling on the Gold Coast. Their time on the Continent has had a huge influence on their designs, giving their brand a distinctly European “street” flavour. “One thing that we both think is so great in Europe, is people’s sense of personal style. Wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you feel great, stylish, sexy, comfortable – or whatever it is that you want to come portray in the way you dress,” says Sarah.

While they wanted to make the clothes affordable, they decided to keep the quality high, mixing fabrics to make their styles stand out. They also have a range of jewellery made mainly from rubber and crystals to create distinctive statement pieces. “A lot of our inspiration come from nature and architecture. Colours, textures, prints, are all things that can be found in nature,” says Sarah, “We also love studying people on the street. Personal style is very inspiring!”.

You can find CÒR at THE VILLAGE MARKETS in Burleigh as well as online at

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  1. Brian (Reply) on Thursday 2, 2012

    very proud guys. I love the crystal necklaces .


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