Evie Pepper designer Kate Keogh

EVIE PEPPER was going to be the name of KATE KEOGH‘s daughter. When she ended up with two gorgeous sons, the name went to a different type of creation, her design label.

EVIE PEPPER is ideal for those looking for an interesting alternative to the run of the mill chain store fare.  It’s a range of clothes, jewellery and handbags that bucks the trend, choosing instead to team interesting fabrics with classic cuts. Kate describes it as bohemian luxe saying she caters for all ages, shapes and sizes. “It’s feminine with an edge,” she says, “There is lot of flowing lines, as well as a raw mix of textures, such as leather, suede, sequins and silk. I use a lot of heavy embellishment, with beads, studs, feathers, and fringing. They are great for a statement piece. Evie Pepper will not let you fade into the background, it is fashion that stands out”.

While the line is fairly new, Kate says she always knew she wanted to do something creative. “I have grown up in the creative field, always dabbling in something,whether it be painting, drawing and sculpture, sewing or creating something crafty,” says the designer who relocated to the Gold Coast from MacKay five years ago. After giving birth to her youngest son, Kate decided to make a career change, switching from the medical industry she had worked in for fifteen years and trying her hand at fashion. The rest, as they say, is history. “I decided it was time to do something that I love, and had a real genuine interest in. I get so much fullfilment at the end of the day, after I have created something new”.

EVIE PEPPER is stocked in boutiques on the Gold Coast and Brisbane as well as being available at THE VILLAGE MARKETS in Burleigh Heads.

Or check it out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EviePepper

Photos: Andrew Place Photography  for FashionTV Australia and Evie Pepper

  1. Kylie Eustace (Reply) on Friday 27, 2012

    Beautiful :-)


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