ANNA KEMPSHALL has done her time in the swimwear industry and it shows. Her garments are well-made and quality pieces reflecting her experience as a manufacturer. After working for over twenty years for some of Australia’s top labels, she decided to bite the bullet and go out on her own. ANNAKE was born – a young, beachy brand with a touch of glam, suited to both the city and the surf.

While the label is still in it’s infancy, having only been launched a couple of years ago, the designer says her experience has given her an edge in a tough market.  “I have a big advantage of being in the industry for many years and the knowledge I have aquired over that period has been invaluable”, she says.

Anna and her team design, make patterns, cut and manufacture all the swimwear from a studio in her home at ELANORA.  She say she gets her inspiration from her two daughters who have eclectic styles, so she tries to cater for a variety of different tastes.  “As soon as we finish one design, we are onto the next. We aim to keep our styles fresh”, she says, “We don’t want to mass produce, so there is a limit to how much we will do in each style”.

You can buy ANNAKE swimwear online at or find her at The Village Markets in BURLEIGH as well as The Miami Marketta.

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