She’s the creator of the ultra-feminine, slightly hippy range, LOVE ST, yet it wasn’t clothes that brought TARA FLETCHER to the Gold Coast. The REDLAND BAY born and bred designer made the move to work as a performer, dancer and choreographer at MOVIE WORLD. ” I have basically been a performer all my life and used to design all my dancing costumes so designing just came naturally to me”, she says.

Designer Tara Fletcher

The move was a good one. With it’s flowy maxi dresses and cute jumpsuits, her vintage inspired label was well suited to the Gold Coast and quickly became a hit. Her range is wide with dresses, bikinis and kaftans all forming part of her collection. It’ll also soon encompass mens and childrens’ wear.

LOVE ST was created over a decade ago by Tara and her sister Tiffany. They started off buying clothes from secondhand stores, altering them and then re-selling them at the markets. “Tiff soon got over it and I continued on my own and with help from my mum and aunty started making my own patterns and they would sew for me” says Tara. She now has a studio at the RABBIT + COCOON in Miami as well as selling at the VILLAGE MARKETS in Burleigh.

As for the name…”I drove past Love St and thought I would love to live in Love St. Now I do!”


I’ve been told I look like…Julia Gillard?????What the??? Only in Bali!!!
When I’m not working I’m…camping
If I could be anywhere in the world it would be…any tropical island
My favourite restaurant on the GC is…Hellenika
In five years I hope to be…happy and successful

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