Sharona Harris

Head down to CANTEEN COFFEE in Burleigh on any given morning and you’ll more than likely spot SHARONA HARRIS. Not only is this stylish brunette a head-turner, but  her walking companion is also a show stopper, a gorgeous French Bulldog named YOPLAIT.

The busy local and OSCAR OSCAR SALONS Brand Manager, holds the prestigious title of GOLD COAST BULLETIN’S BEST DRESSED.  So we thought we’d have a chat to this fashionista get a few insights on how she always manages to look so good!

Sharona, tell me a bit about yourself. 

I am a born & bred Gold Coaster! I lived in Sydney briefly (Bondi, of course) but I love living on the Gold Coast, I have been living Burleigh Heads for approximately 7 years and I absolutely love it.

 I noticed you have an exceptionally cute member of your family.

Yes, I own the most photogenic French Bulldog in the world, Yoplait.  She is adorable and my best little buddy. I think half of Burleigh knows her, I can’t walk five minutes without someone stopping to pat her. She loves the attention, such a show-off!


Describe an average day in your life?

I wake up at 5:30am and have a coffee with Yoplait at CANTEEN in Burleigh (best coffee on the Gold Coast) and then go for a walk on the beach for an hour, it’s like meditation for me!

At work by 8:30am and it’s just non-stop from the moment I walk in the door. My phone doesn’t stop ringing and so by the time I finish work at about 5:30pm I am mentally exhausted. We have just opened a new salon in Highpoint in Melbourne so that has kept my busy, as well as daily requests for sponsorships, advertising, PR and organizing all of our on-line media!

At 6pm I go to Essence of Living for a yoga or pilates class to de-stress, then home to cook dinner and watch a bit of TV (I love Modern Family) and in bed around 9:30pm.

 Oscar Oscar seem to have exciting things happening at the moment. 

Oscar Oscar Salons are taking over the world! We just opened our 13th salon in Highpoint, Melbourne plus we have another salon planned to open in Westfield Garden City in Brisbane in the next four weeks. Oscar Cullinan also has plans for more salons in QLD, VIC and NSW this year so watch this space!

How would you describe your style?

I really like clean cut, well-tailored pieces. I wear lots of black and neutral tones, plus I like to mix textures instead of wearing much colour.  I also don’t buy into many trends, I have a very particular style so If I buy something I know I will be able to wear it 5 years from now because my taste doesn’t change.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

I think it would be the new All That Remains leather pinafore that I just brought, designed by a friend of mine Leaha Lockley. It has a laser-cut pattern on the hem and is so beautiful.

You travel quite a bit for work, how do you plan your wardrobe for your trips?

I do travel a bit for work so I always make sure I only pack items that won’t need ironing and can use the same jacket with several outfits, also because my wadrobe is very black with minimal colours its really easy for me to mix & match pieces!

Taking your best jacket and at least one pair of incredible heels can also transform a simple jeans and t-shirt look into an outfit suitable for meetings and events!

What is your biggest fashion faux-pas?

Ha ha I think I have had too many to name! Definitely the boho-cowboy boot thing was something I would rather forget.

What is the best style advice you have ever been given?

My old boss Jackie Cross, who has impeccable style, taught me to buy investment pieces. It is so much better to buy one amazing piece for your wardrobe then ten cheap and nasty ones!

What would I find in your handbag?

A ghd brush (my hair tangles easy), Bleu de Chanel (I prefer to wear men’s aftershave), MAC lipstick & Shu Uemura eye lash curler.

What is your beauty and hair regime?

I am pretty low-maintenance, I use Shu Uemura oil cleanser plus a Vitamin A cream and a Vitamin E cream plus I always wear a little bit of fake tan and plenty of sun screen!

For my hair I have been using the new Kerastase Cristalliste range for fine hair, it’s so great! Plus I use my ghd air hairdryer and ghd eclipse styler which are such amazing products!

Do you have a style icon?

That’s a tough one! Not really but at the moment I am keeping an eye on Christine Centenera and I love looking at old photos of Marianne Faithful and Jane Birkin.

Where is your favourite place on the Gold Coast?

That’s easy…Burleigh! It’s all happening in Burleigh, the food, coffee and shopping has really exploded here in the past 12 months and I am loving it. JUSTIN LANE is the best place for pizzas and a drink on a Friday night, if you can get a booking!

What are you wearing in the photos at the top?

The first photo is me at the HERMES event in Sydney. OSCAR OSCAR SALONS directed the hair so it was an incredible experience to be backstage and being invited to the party! The budget must have been enormous, they flew out one of my favourite rockabilly bands from Japan, the 5,6,7,8s and used Coney Island at Luna Park as the venue! The rockabilly theme was really fun. I wore an Ellery dress, Zimmermann denim bomber jacket and Vivien Westwood scarf to suit the 1950s vibe.

The second is a photo of my husband and I at one of my best friend’s weddings. I am wearing a Shakuhachi silk dress, which I absolutely love.

 Sharona Harris (photo Gold Coast Bulletin)

Finish these sentences:

I’ve been told I look like… Drew Barrymore

At the moment I’m listening to… Bob Dylan

When I’m not working I’m… at the beach

In five years I hope to be… Living in a beautiful house with my goats and chickens that I have been wanting!

In ten years I hope to be…  More relaxed



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