I caught up with beautiful and talented stylist, ALEXANDRA FITZGERALD from LaLa Styling for a chat about how to keep warm, yet stylish this winter.

Alexandra, what should be looking out for this winter?

I think you can always rely on Sass and Bide to bring out the goods.  They have some amazing knits. They’re sort of that, dare I say it, scratchy material, but they’re really warm and they’re perfect for Gold Coast weather. You can wear them over your black tights and pair them with your boots, even your UGG boots. Also, layers are always going to be in for winter.

What are this season’s hot colours?

Always black, but I’m really surprised to see a lot of brands like MAURIE & EVE, ALICE McCALL have brought out “citrusy” colours and they’re really loud and that’s really good to see in winter. I don’t see why people don’t take more risks in winter.

What is your wardrobe essential?

Leggings, definitely! Leggings and a lot of sheer tops. You can never go wrong with a nice black bra under a sheer top.

How would you describe your style?

I can be a little bit punk sometimes because I do like to wear black and I can be a little bit boho. I do really like edgy.

What’s the best style tip you could give someone?

I just think you can never go wrong with a drop-waist skirt. A waist on ninety-nine percent of the female population is the smallest part of your body – so use it! Create that illusion of being that bit smaller (because we all want to be, let’s face it!) and wear things from the waist. Especially if they’re A-Line and they drop from the waist you just can’t lose! It’s the most desirable shape that us women want to see ourselves in.

What about those of us with fuller figures? 

Don’t wear patterns that are really heavy. I’ve seen the skinniest girls ever wear extremely “out there”, really loud, really colourful leggings and it just makes them that bit bigger. Accentuate your best features. If you have a great chest, use it. Just a little V-line, nothing overly suggestive – just a little bit cheeky. If you point a V-line down, you’re pointing down to your waist which is the thinnest part of your body.

Alexandra’s website is lalastyling.com.au


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Photos taken on the Gold Coast, Australia.

  1. Belinda (Reply) on Sunday 17, 2012

    OMMMGGGGGGG I see her EVERYWHERE and I always want to ask her where she buys her clothes from!!!

    • admin (Reply) on Sunday 17, 2012

      I know! Doesn’t she look stylish! I love Alex’s look! :)


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