Courtney Thorpe

COURNTEY THORPE is one busy lady. In between working as a styling teacher, fashion editor and organising INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK she also made her mark at this year’s MISS UNIVERSE AUSTRALIA, being selected as a national finalist.

What’s the secret to this rising star’s success? Well, waking up to a snack of chocolate every day must count for something! We were lucky enough to get a few minutes of Courtney’s time to find out what makes this Brisbane-born beauty tick.

Courtney, tell me a bit about yourself.
I was born in Brisbane and lived there my entire life until last year when I moved to the Gold Coast. I have recently moved back to Brisbane for work.

What do you do for a living?
I am a styling teacher and the head of the styling department at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, the Fashion Editor of GCMAG, a model and teacher at Katz Management and I was the Style Director and Event Coordinator of International Fashion Week until just the other day as I have accepted the promotion to Director of International Fashion Week which is very exciting!

Tell me a bit about the Miss Universe competition.
One of my friends encouraged me to enter it a few years ago but it took me a while to work up the courage to give it a go. The Queensland finals were fantastic. It is always such a great day, what girl doesn’t like to get dressed up and have her hair and makeup done? The other contestants are always so lovely so that makes the day even more enjoyable. I wasn’t actually too nervous this time around, I honestly did not expect to get through so I was just there to have some fun, I was extremely shocked when I was announced as a national finalist! Question and answer is my favourite part of the day, I love that I get to share my opinions, I have a lot of them!

Courtney Thorpe

How would you describe your style?
I would say my is style classic with a modern twist. That sounds like a cocktail, doesn’t it!? I am inspired by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, they dressed with such timeless elegance. I have always been obsessed with pearls and Chanel, so any outfit that I can incorporate one of the two is a perfect outfit as far as I am concerned.

Do you have a style icon?
Olivia Palermo, she always manages to find the perfect balance between style and fashion, not to mention her amazing accessories.

What would I find in your handbag?
A huge mess! My calendar, left over notes and business cards, an entire store worth of lipglosses and lipsticks, a selection of perfume, enough bobby pins to build a house, my trusty Oroton umbrella, my phone charger, my USB, honestly it’s a mess in there!

What was your best fashion buy?
My Chanel Bag. I went to Europe a couple of years ago and my Chanel bag was my big splurge. The only problem is, I treasure it too much to actually use it, so it sits in my room and I just smile at it instead. Sometimes when I am feeling brave I will look at myself holding it in the mirror!

What was your worst fashion buy?

My worst fashion buy would have to be when I was eight years old. I forced my mum into buying me velvet, leopard print leggings and a black velvet shirt to match. Not my finest fashion moment.

What is the best fashion advice you could give someone?
Don’t get caught up in brands. Just because it is a brand, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks good! I always tell my students that women with true style can make an outfit from Supre look as good as an outfit from Chanel.

What is your greatest indulgence?
Shoes. There is always a reason to buy shoes. A Tuesday is a good enough reason to buy shoes!

What is your favourite fashion shop on the Gold Coast?
Igedo is one of my favourites. They were kind enough to dress me during my week at QT Fashion Week and Awards.

Finish these sentences…
When I’m not working I’m… sleeping, it’s the only other thing I have time for!
My favourite food is… chocolate!
I listen to… really bad embarrassingly girly music.
My favourite TV show/movie is… Real Housewives and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
My favourite book is…The diary of Anne Frank.
My quirkiest habit is… eating chocolate as soon as I wake up every day.
In five years I hope to be… running my own business which I am working very hard to start.
In ten years I hope be… living in New York

Courtney Thorpe

Courntey Thorpe

Courntey Thorpe

All photos supplied by Courtney Thorpe.

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