We were lucky enough to get invited to the Gold Coast’s Bulletin’s Best Dressed luncheon. Over a delicious meal of ribs and steaks at Squires Loft in Robina, we got a chance to meet the incredibly stylish top ten.

Angie Varnam, Pamela Oberman, Arabella Foster, Yvette Hardy, Cheray Doughty, Nadia Aziz, Sharona Harris, Nadia Coe, Julia Wilson and Tal Fitzpatrick all made the cut. From vintage inspired outfits to sleek modern lines, this selection of ladies covered all the fashion bases. ¬†As the Bulletin’s fashion editor, Rose Sadleir, points out this competition is not about fashion, it’s about how the ladies wear their clothes.

The winner will be announced in the Gold Coast Bulletin on Tuesday 24th September. Who do you think will take out the title?

  1. sharona (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

    congrats to all the beauties in the top ten – it was a great lunch! x

    • admin (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

      Great to meet you at the lunch, Sharona! You looked absolutely stunning!! xx

  2. a.a.gallagher (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

    Yvette Hardy looks like the winner to me – she has a lovely personality and dresses in a stylish manner without going overboard….go Yvette!

    • admin (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

      Yvette dresses just beautifully! I definitely took some tips from her, she is fabulously stylish! xx


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