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There’s nothing cosier on a chilly day than snuggly into a knitted jumper. Fortunately they’re a big fashion trend this season so you have the perfect excuse to wear your comfiest sweater out and about.

We asked DAVID WHITCROFT, owner of CUPCAKE FASHION, about what we can expect to see in terms of knitwear this winter.

David, the Gold Coast gets a fairly mild winter. Does this effect what we see in the shops?

A lot of labels are based in Melbourne or Sydney or internationally. While they want to send us jumpers in February, it just doesn’t apply to us. Because we’re small we’re able to be a bit more nimble and react to what the weather does each week. We get new stock in every week or sometimes two or three times a week so we can react to the weather. So at the moment we have a few knits but it’s only starting to get cold.

What are the knitwear trends this season?

We’re seeing a continuation of wintery colours in burgundy, mustard and navy. Our knits have a kind of retro vintage feel so we have these great alpine knits with a nordic, European look. We also have the chunkier cable knits coming out.¬†Winter is all about on-trend colours and classic cuts.

Should be rushing out and buying big, wooly jumpers then?

Knits shouldn’t be highly seasonal as you can only wear them for a limited time each year. So we want your knits to be funky this year and the next. They’re great for balancing out a colourful outfit so you can wear colourful jeans with a cream knit or plain outfit with a bright knit. It’s about having the option to make your outfit work.

Here are some great looks we’ve seen around the Gold Coast.




Photos taken on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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