These are definitely some of the best style tips we’ve had!

Julia’s top tips on how to be stylish:

1) Style is about attitude, style is about not being afraid to try things. If you look at any sort of trends and fashion inspirations, it’s about bold – wearing a print on print, for example, and not being worried.

2) Mix in quality pieces when you take a risk on fashion. Having quality pieces is great as you know what you’re wearing and you’re proud of it . When you wear it you hold your head higher. Mix it back with more affordable things. I think everyone should feel that they can afford a certain level of style.

3) Don’t embrace one particular avenue, for example grunge or feminine. You know what works for you, but you can mix it up like wearing studded boots with a dress makes it a little bit grunge but it still is very feminine.

4) Do things that people would usually think are a fashion faux-pas, like a black lace bra under a white tee. Just for something different. It’s a little bit daring and it’s not what people would normally do, but you’ll find people will look and go “Ooh that works”.

5) It’s about comfort and confidence. Not the confidence like “I’m going to get my legs and boobs out and strut down the street” more so like knowing when you bought that piece, that was a really good experience and you had fun and you’re going to wear it and when you get home and unwrap it you’re going to love it just as much.

6) Buy quality items that are always in season. I don’t believe in buying on trend, if you’re spending $300 plus on a dress or a jacket it should be something you should be able to have in your wardrobe for ten years. Even though they say pastels are on trend, and neutral tones are on trend, they’re always in the magazines. They might highlight them at different times but try to find things that are always in season.

7) Everyone should have in their wardrobe a really good pair of jeans, a fresh white tee (people underestimate the power of a fresh white tee) and a really good jacket or blazer, something you can put on with anything.



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