Nestled in Nobby Beach, GYPSY & THE CAT CAFE, is a hidden gem worth looking for.

Yes, the name says it all – this shop is eccentric and eclectic. With astro turf on the ground, and signs for Psychic Readings, you get the feeling there’s not much you can’d do here (game of cricket anyone?). While it may be tempting to spend hours on the vintage couch with a latte, you’ll have to turn off the record player and make your way to the back of the shop for the drawcard – the fashion. You’ll find a selection of style treasures. Gypsy & The Cat Cafe┬áhas a range of Gold Coast, national and international designers.

It’s great to find a shop that stocks designs not found may other places. Definitely worth a visit.

DRESS: Juanita Machado – $140

PANTS: Timbuktoo to You – $159

  1. Margo (Reply) on Wednesday 16, 2012

    Would like a phone number please.

    • admin (Reply) on Wednesday 16, 2012

      Hi Margot
      Their contact number is 0450 440 793.
      Have a lovely day :)


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