LISA looks amazing in this cream ensemble. Her gorgeous lace top is actually vintage and belonged to her husband’s grandmother.



1. AVOID HEAD-TO-TOE VINTAGE – ┬áRather choose one vintage piece you love and mix it in with modern items.

2. GO CLASSIC – Vintage doesn’t always equal cool. If you pick a frumpy or dated style it could look like you’re an actor in “West Side Story”, the musical. Rather pick something classic that retains it’s style over time, or get it altered (see below).

3. SHAPE IT UP – As I mentioned above, don’t be afraid to pick up a needle and thread (or if you’re like me, take it to someone to do) and adjust the item to fit better. Sometimes something as simple as taking up the hemline can totally transform a look.

4. HAVE FUN – Nowadays anything goes so get into your wardrobe and experiment with your vintage and newer pieces to find a look that suits you.

5. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE – If you haven’t worn vintage, you may be a bit nervous wearing it, especially if it’s not your usual style. The best thing to do is just go for it! Once you’ve worn it out once, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident wearing something different to your normal look the next time.

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