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For anyone following this blog, you’ll see that I often frequent the shops on James Street at Burleigh. It’s a road jam-packed with interesting boutiques, filled with designer labels, one off pieces and plenty of hidden treasures for those willing to dig around. It not just a fashion hub, you’ll also find furniture, vintage clothes, art…not to mention a great cup of coffee to relax over while checking out your latest buys. For some strange reason I never leave empty handed (much to my husband’s annoyance).

So I was thrilled to hear about the fashion event happening there in two weeks time (2 June). How good is this? The entire street is going to be closed for a HUGE joint fashion parade featuring fifteen shops on the strip. It’s the first time this has been done in Burleigh (possibly even the Gold Coast) and it’s going to be spectacular.

Each retailer will showcase their winter collections – great for fashionistas, as not only will you see plenty of clothes, but with a limit of five minutes per store, it promises to be action-packed. There’ll also be live music and a design competition.

Organiser and owner of MY LITTLE FROCK SHOP, Bethany, says the event has really brought the community together. “We’ve got a few accessories from Monsoon (homewares)…the models will hold them walking down the runway…as well as Envision Optical who have come onboard with their sunglasses and optical lenses. Its a way of getting them involved too. I’ve even had the Yoga and Pilates studio come over to say ‘how can we help?'”.

It’s no surprise everyone is getting onboard, this is more than just a fashion event for these small retailers. Most have been hit hard by the Global Financial Crisis, some are even on the brink of closing, and they hope the buzz it creates will continue long after Saturday’s event ends. “It really is about the community and mostly the businesses in our community trying to work together and try to generate some business for our small businesses”, say Bethany.

FASHION ON JAMES will be held on 2 June 2012 from 2pm till 5pm.



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