When you meet this impeccably dressed news reporter and newsreader it’s hard to believe LIBBY STONE is usually covered head to toe in dust with a hammer in hand. The glamorous brunette is in the throws of major renovations to the home she shares with her partner, Josh, and says she spends most of her spare time getting stuck into the physical work. It obviously hasn’t compromised her style and the busy journalist says she still finds time to scour magazines for fashion inspiration.

Originally from Western Australia, Libby made the Gold Coast her home five years ago and hasn’t looked back. Since then Libby’s star has been on the rise as she’s carved a successful career for herself in the Channel Nine newsroom. She’s also well known for her great sense of fashion, having made the Gold Coast’s best dressed list.

We caught up with the ever stylish media personality about work, style and waterproofing her home.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing is that no day is the same.You walk into the office and you’ll have no idea where you’ll end up at the end of the day. I love that variety and I love meeting new people.

What is the worst thing about your job?

The worst part is that sometimes you’re required to report tragedy. It’s never easy but you have to focus on your job, and I believe if you stay true to yourself and bring a level of compassion and empathy into everything you do, you get by.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style changes. As I get older, I’m sticking to simple and classic pieces and I tend to know what to invest in. With work you see what works well as you get to see it on camera – you learn to err on the side of caution! On the weekends I dress mostly for comfort – I’m definitely a jeans and tee girl. And I do love to wear bright colours.

How hard is it to find new things to wear when you’re on camera everyday?

It is hard, but I think it’s about trying to find pieces that you can mix and match, especially for work. It’s often the simple things that work best – a tailored jacket, a black dress. And then I’ll add a bit of colour – though I mostly stay away from prints for work. On the weekends I’m more trend focused but during the week you have to think “If I watch this in two, three years time how am I going to feel about it?”. I’m sure I will look back on a lot of things I’ve worn and go “What was I thinking?”!

Who is your style icon?

I’ve always loved Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth for their unique style. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, always looks immaculate. And Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow rarely get it wrong.

What is your best fashion buy?

I bought a pair of tan leather boots last year. They were pretty expensive but it’s one of those pairs that the more you wear them the better the leather looks and I love that. Shoes and handbags are my weaknesses!

If you’re feeling like you’re having a really bad day, you can always find a great pair of shoes and it can cheer you up. My partner doesn’t necessarily agree with this philosophy!

What is your favourite fashion label?

I tend to shop for work at stores such as Marcs, Saba and Country Road, and also Zara when I can. I really like Gorman for fun, quirky pieces, and I tend to do a lot of shopping online.

Where do you go online to shop?

I love Shopbop – I’m addicted to Shopbop!

Do you find it hard to shop online? Do you ever get disappointed when the item arrives?

I’ve only returned something once so I’m pretty lucky, but I’m quite careful in what I buy. They’re great for basics – I buy my jeans online, aswell as handbags and shoes.

What do you do when you’re not working?

At the moment, I should be renovating, but I’d much prefer to be shopping for soft furnishings instead!

Living on the Gold Coast I try to make the most of the beautiful beaches when I can.. going for a run or walk along the coast most weekends.

Photo: Andrew Place Photography for FASHIONTV AUSTRALIA

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