I spotted model Georgina Denahy while I was out and about on the Isle of Capri. The mother of two looked amazing (as you can see from my photo) so I couldn’t resist asking her to share some of her style secrets.

How would you describe your style?

Probably as classic, but also comfortable. I tend to dress in bright colours. I know what colours suit me and then I try to co-ordinate those colours with other things in my wardrobe.

Where do you like to shop?

To keep on trend its always great to shop in places like Cue, Witchery and Myer.  I will shop around and if I see something that suits me I’ll go for that so I don’t just go for brands in particular. I have been known to pop into the occasional op shop for scarves and accessories as well.

How important is it to keep moving with fashion?

I think it’s very important to know what’s on trend but to always have immaculate presentation. Having good presentation is of the utmost importance and you should never let that slip.

Georgina, you look amazing yet you have two children to look after. A lot of women find once they become mum’s they put all their energy into their kids and forget about themselves.  Do you think it’s important to keep your style once kids come along?

Absolutely, I think it’s good for your confidence and your self esteem. Even when you’re going out the house just to go down to the shops it’s important to throw a little bit of lip gloss on and some mascara and make an effort. I think once you let that slide you can fall into a bad rut. And I think it’s great too, if you have nice style the other mums will take note of it and you can also let them know what’s happening with fashion – spread the love with fashion or so to speak!

  1. Mikey Mink (Reply) on Sunday 13, 2012

    Smile and style what a winning combination!

  2. Agustin (Reply) on Sunday 13, 2012

    She was Miss Australia and I remember her at Miss Universe 1992, she was WONDERFUL and today looks still WONDERFUL. I´m very pleased of to see her WONDERFUL!


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