DANIELLE DAQUINO was not your average university student. This gorgeous brunette is half of a two-woman team to singlehandedly revive GOLD COAST FASHION WEEK.

“Basically a friend I went to uni with introduced me to Michaela Fitzgerald and said she’d been approached by the organiser of Fashion Week to organise the event and they needed someone for marketing” says Danielle. With a few years of marketing under her belt, she jumped in. “When I got involved in it I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into in terms of the workload and commitment”, she says.

With just a few months to organise the show, find sponsors and get designers onboard, Danielle and Michaela got to work, rallying to get support from the community. It proved harder than they could have imagined. After years of struggling to keep up with big city rivals as well as plenty of image changes, “Gold Coast Fashion Week” was tarnished and no-one was willing to give them a shot. “We would meet with sponsors, media, lots of newspapers and magazines – nobody really wanted a bar of it. They just wanted to see what would happen after the first year. So we had to prove to people that all we were saying was going to come to fruition”, says Danielle.

Danielle Daquino with fellow organiser Michaela Fitzgerald

The lack of enthusiasm didn’t deter this strong-willed duo. They worked around the clock to secure designers. “I think the highlight was getting Nicola Fenetti because we just needed a couple of big names and we achieved that”.

The event was a huge success, putting the Gold Coast on the fashion map. As for Danielle, while she says it was a great experience, she’s put her fashion career in the closet for the time being and secured herself an internship at a local law firm.


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