MOO MOO WINE BAR AND GRILL has done it again. Not only has it’s monthly¬†LADIES LUNCH attracted the Coast’s most gorgeous and glamorous fashionistas, it also raised over one thousand dollars for charity, RADIO LOLLIPOP.

Well done MOO MOO for a fantastic day!

Here’s who we spotted looking fabulous.

Moo Moo Ladies Lunch

Top left: Kayla Mitchell and Lauren Benedet. Top right: Fiona Williams, Kelsie Smith, Kylie Wade and Mia Connor

Bottom left: Kimberley Wright, Melissa Ramsden and Elly McLean. Bottom right: Loretta Ceslis

Moo Moo Ladies Lunch

Alana Arvanitis (left) and Lauren Benedet

Moo Moo Ladies Lunch

Bec Obarzanski

Moo Moo Ladies Lunch

Top right: Maddison Turner, Shannon Graham and Ali Turner. Top left: Brooke Henley-Smith and Autumn Adams

Bottom left: Kristy Spencer and Andrina Lenahan. Bottom right: Leteicha Ridge and Kelly Zeckovic

Moo Moo Ladies Lunch

Silka Kurzak (left) and Lauren Mitchell

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