Here a few snaps taken at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Cup at the Gold Coast Turf Club. More to follow shortly!


  1. Garry Burns (Reply) on Sunday 6, 2012

    I was appalled quite frankly be the male fashionistas (if you could call them that) at the Gold Coast Prime Minister’s Cup meeting on Saturday the 5 May 2012 by their over the top and pernicious behaviour during the entering of this event.
    There seems to be no criteria followed by male participants or enforced by the event organisers. One idiot was dressed as the Lord Mayor of the Gold Coast.If that’s fashion I’m missing something.
    I didn’t win a prize because my outfit obviously wasn’t good enough on the day but I was wearing a Dom Bagnato suit worth over a $1,000.I take fashions on the field seriously when I compete and follow the criteria and behave like a gentlemen and not like a 1st class idiot as I witnessed last Saturday.I travel all over Australia to compete in the men’s section of fashions on the field and I really would like to see some order and respect from those male participants entering towards the event and fellow participants.


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