DON’T TELL FANNIE at Nobby Beach has come up with a fantastic idea to promote the local fashion industry. It’ll be holding “EMERGING DESIGNER” evenings in the hope of boosting up-and-coming designers into the public arena. Every few weeks, it’ll be opening it’s doors and inviting locals to a night of fashion, nibbles and music while giving us the chance to chat one-on one with these talented creatives.

BETH SKRZYPEK was the first person to featured on one of these evenings. She’s the creator of NATURAL SPIRIT COLLECTION a free-spirited label consisting of interesting, one-off designs made using a blend of different fabrics and materials. Her unusual mix of styles (named after exotic, strong females – Egyptian Goddess, Indian Princess and Tribal Temptress to name a few) makes each item a great statement piece.

You can find out more about these evenings by following DON’T TELL FANNIE on Facebook at


Photos taken on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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