“WOW!”. That’s all I can say about this look – one of my favourites at the Titan’s Ball at Jupiters Casino. The TV Presenter and Titan’s Media Coordinator, RENEE GARTNER looked amazing in this bronze Zimmerman dress, beautifully accessorised with a long necklace. Seeing the gorgeous brunette in her ballgown, it’s hard to imagine there’s another side to this bubbly brunette. Yet, this glamour girl (also named as one of Gold Coast’s sexiest women of 2012) has a touch of tomboy to her. The proof? Well, she’s currently sporting a broken foot she got from a skateboarding accident!

With looks like this, it’s no wonder we asked her to share some of her style secrets.

Here’s what she had to say..

Renee, how would you describe your style?

I’m eclectic, I sort of change themes everyday. I grab different bits and pieces from different people. If I see someone wearing something I like, I will try it, but with my own twist.

Do you prefer winter or summer fashion?

I like summer as you can just wear shorts, a singlet and a pair of converse or thongs, but I do like dressing up for winter because everyone’s really well dressed, smart and classy.

What is your favourite boutique on the Gold Coast?

I love JAY PASK and DONT’ TELL FANNIE IN in Nobby Beach. I also shop a lot online so you just grab your bits and pieces as you go. I also love MAURIE & EVE, one of my girlfriends, who I used to go to school with, is the designer there; she’s the founder.

How important is it to support local stores?

It’s great to keep it local. There’s a heap of local designers, like JAY PASK. Some of the stuff that they design is absolutely fantastic so if we can support them and get them up on the stage, that’s the best thing we can do. You live locally so you may as well support your next door neighbour.

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