The CUPCAKE FASHION VIP Shopping Night really did leave a sweet taste. Not just the decadent display of lollies spread out for us by organiser, ALLY CAREY, but the fantastic clothes we were privvy to, most having just arrived in store that afternoon.

The top looks for summer are double sided – feminine, soft and pastel for the most part, with just a touch of rock chick making it’s appearance.

Here are some of the fashionistas we spotted on the night.

Cupcake Fashion’s ALLY CAREY

 Top left: Stephanie Coutts, Right: Angelina Thomson and Jazmine Hikaka, Bottom left: Gabrielle and Madeleine Epstein

  Madeleine (left) and Gabrielle Epstein


 Mollie Miles


Left: Jazmine Hikaka, Top Right: Mollie Miles, Gabrielle Epstein, David Whitcroft and Madeleine Epstein 


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