JUPITER’S Pavilion Lawn was the perfect spot for a tea party (and a leisurely game of croquet) as it played host to a bevy of beautiful ladies all lending their support to the CANCER COUNCIL QUEENSLAND.

The sold-out event, hosted by 102.9 HOT TOMATO’s MOYRA MAJOR was a steaming success as guests enjoyed tea and delicious treats while listening to live music. While the morning was a little chilly, it didn’t bother the glamorous crowd as they sipped their cuppa’s in support of a great cause.

The function was held as part of the Cancer Council’s annual event AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST MORNING TEA.

Jupiters Chari-tea

LEFT, Top: Grace Cobb and Elizabeth McMahon, Centre: Silka Kurzak, Lauren Mitchell, Brooke Henley-Smith and Autumn Adams, Bottom: Amy Thompson and Stephanie Jeppensen

RIGHT: Natalie Boyd and Andrej Novak



Jupiters Chari-tea

Left: Melissa Flentjar, Right: Silka Kurzak, Lauren Mitchell and Autumn Adams

Chari-tea Event

Left: Elizabeth McMahon, Right: Amy Thompson

Chari-tea event

Left: Silka Kurzak, Right: Riely Saville

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