Over the past few months, we’ve chatted to some of the Gold Coast’s most well dressed women. So, when we decided to compile a list of top style tips, we’d thought we’d find out from those in the know – our very own local style queens!

Here’s some of the great advice they’ve given us.

LaLa Styling
Accentuate your best features. If you have a great chest, use it. Just a little V-line, nothing overly suggestive – just a little bit cheeky. If you point a V-line down, you’re pointing down to your waist which is the thinnest part of your body.

Elisasi Styling
Knowing your body shape and having an idea of your best features helps when putting an outfit together. Just remember, wherever a line ends that’s where attention will be drawn. For example, a pear shape should avoid wearing long tops that ends at the hips. Wearing a top that end right at the smallest part of your waist or tucking in is more flattering.

ALLY CAREY – Fashion Blogger and Designer
Who Killed Bambi and The Unknown Pleasures
Confidence is key. If you’re able to appear confident, then you can pull anything off.  Don’t be scared to push fashion boundaries. You won’t know it something looks good unless you try it.

When choosing an outfit I generally start with shoes first – then build my clothes and accessories around that.

CHLOE MAXWELL – Television personality and author
Spend money on things you would wear a lot of, like jeans and shoes.

Fashion is an attitude. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as you have the right attitude wearing what you’re wearing it will look amazing.

JULIA WILSON, Cubic Collective
Mix in quality pieces. Having quality pieces is great as you know what you’re wearing and you’re proud of it . When you wear it you hold your head higher. Mix it back with more affordable things.

Be yourself. Have your own personal style.

Don’t be afraid to take chances when it comes to fashion – there really are no boundaries. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – there are so many amazing colours in the shops at the moment.

Photos: Andrew Place Photography, Photo of Alexandra Fitzgerald by Milla Kirk, Saxton, Gold Coast Bulletin, Cubic Collective, Photo of Elizabeth McMahon by Janaka Rodrique

  1. Kylie (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

    Hi There just wanted to inform you that the photo of Elizabeth with the stunning necklace on was taken by Janaka Rodrigue (Janaka.com.au)

    He is an awesome GC photographer!!

    • admin (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

      I agree – such a fabulous photo!

  2. Janaka (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

    Hey guys, would be great if you could credit me in the future if you’re using one of my photographs :-) (I shot the one of Elizabeth). Thank you! Have a great day.

    • admin (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

      Hi Janaka. The photo was provided to us by Elizabeth. We are very happy to credit you. :)


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