Chanel's LBJ

Late last year, Sydney hosted an exhibition of photographs of CHANEL’s iconic LITTLE BLACK JACKET. The show featured pictures of some big-names like CHARLOTTE CASIRAGHI and SARAH JESSICA PARKER (above). Since then the Little Black Jacket or LBJ has made a huge comeback appearing on celebs and models around the globe.

It’s a definite wardrobe essential and can be worn both casually with a pair of shorts, or as an elegant addition to an evening look.

Go for classic black, or adapt the look with other neutral colours like cream, white or navy.


We love this CHANEL inspired jacket we spotted on LAUREN.

Valleygirl cardigan

For this look on a budget, we found this navy cardigan at VALLEYGIRL at ROBINA TOWN CENTRE for just $19.95.

Celebrity photos:

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