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Southport Magistrates Court for a murder trial in the morning, Kurrawa Beach in the afternoon… this is the life of Casey Devin. No, she’s not working a half day. As a busy news reporter for NBN News no two days are the same. In fact, every day is so varied, she doesn’t know where she’ll be until she gets to work. Life on the small screen may sound glamorous, but being constantly in the public eye isn’t alway easy. On the road reporters don’t have a stylist so they choose what they wear each day. They also do their own hair and make-up, often just slapping on a bit of mascara and lipstick in the car as they rush to cover a breaking news story.

We caught up with Casey to find out how she manages to stay stylish.

1. Being on camera everyday must make it hard to find something different to wear each day. How do you keep your look fresh?

It’s very difficult dressing for work. Each morning you don’t know where you’ll be sent, it could be the beach or it could be the mountains. Footwear is definitely the most difficult to work out! I go through shoes like no tomorrow, I’ve actually started buying cheaper shoes just because they are getting ruined all the time.

2. How would you describe your style?

My style at work is quite different to my style outside of work. I’m quite conservative when at work buying a lot of clothes from Cue and Portmans, outside of work my main style is very laidback. I love accessories so try to work them into every outfit. I’m addicted to Adorne and Lovisa jewellery, it’s so affordable and both have so many different styles to suit any outfit.

3. Do you have a style icon and if so, who is it?

I would say my fashion icon is Blake Lively. I love how she dresses as her character in Gossip Girl but her personal style is also amazing. She’s lucky to be surrounded by the fashion industry so it would be easy to always look good. Closer to home, I love Jennifer Hawkins so I’d have to say her!

 4. Where was this picture taken and what were you wearing?

This photo was taken at a party held by the Gold Coast Bulletin at East Nightclub back in February. It’s¬†actually one of my cheap put together outfits! I’m wearing a coral jacket from Temt. It cost me $34.95 and I am constantly getting compliments on it. The necklace is from Diva and is such a standout on its own, which is why I pieced it with simple clothing items. The Sportsgirl oversized blouse is great for when you’re not feeling up to wearing something super-tight and the skirt cost $20 from Ally…another item I receive compliments on each time I wear it. I like this outfit mainly because it hides the parts of my body I’m not overly happy with but I’m still not completely covered up.

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