She has a job most of us could only dream of! As a food writer for the GOLD COAST BULLETIN’S, weekly Bite section, CHANTAY LOGAN has the enviable task of trialling out all the hottest restaurants on the Coast. Yet every job has it’s down side. While she gets to taste the best of gourmet treats she’s also had to try everything from pigeons to witchetty grubs.

We caught up with this glamorous journalist for a taste of what it’s like to sample the city’s top fare for a living.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a journalist at the Gold Coast Bulletin. My two main responsibilities are as the food writer, looking after restaurant reviews and other foodie news for our weekly section Bite, and SHE Magazine, which is free in the Bulletin every month and covers fashion, beauty, celeb profiles and more “gritty” reads.

What do you like most about your job?

Without a hint of a lie, I LOVE my job. Shaping and then seeing that finished product is so rewarding for a writer. Discovering the Gold Coast’s best new restaurants for Bite is also a privilege…it’s my job to always say yes to dessert!

What do you like least about your job?

There are the obvious hazards: with Bite, eating everything, with SHE, wanting to buy everything. And I can’t taste anything any more without critiquing it – my partner and family don’t always appreciate that in the spirit it’s intended…

What are some of the weirdest foods you’ve had to eat as a food journalist?
Pigeon, lamb’s brains three ways, witchetty grub…but if it’s a good chef (and I’ve been lucky) it’s presented so beautifully you can appreciate what they are doing…if you don’t think about it too much).

What is the strangest/funniest experience you’ve had as a food writer?
I found a little piece of plastic in my meal once and mentioned it to the waitress. Within seconds the chef was at my table bawling his eyes out, begging me to forgive him…I tried to tell him I wasn’t “on duty” but he wouldn’t believe me. I’ve also had restaurateurs stand next to me watching every mouthful I eat and one who bought me one of everything on the menu. I had a call from security last year saying someone had dropped off a salmon for me at the front desk (and I mean the whole salmon). I had to put it in the work fridge with everyone’s sandwiches.

If you could have any job in the world (beside what you are currently doing), what would it be?

I would be a sea-turtle researcher on Heron Island – I go there every February to pretend, I just don’t get paid for it! I’m a tree hugger and the Great Barrier Reef fascinates me.

How would you describe your style?

Very entrenched! I think I was about three years old when I banned pants because they weren’t pretty enough and attempted to cut my own fringe. My style is girly – I love dresses and maxi skirts, with some concessions – at the moment, black leather skinny jeans with a long, loose top. I don’t like looking too “done” – my hair is always out and natural.

Do you have a style icon?

I don’t, but I’m constantly inspired by my friends to venture away from my safe zone (not too far away).

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone who would it be and why?

Maybe Nicole Richie…I like her bohemian take on red carpet.

 What was your best fashion buy?

In winter, tights – I have a two-a-week habit. The best opaques are Wicked Total Eclipse…they are completely black; impossible to ladder. For texture I like the

organic cable-knit tights at Myer. Oh, and OPI nail polish in Lincoln Park After Dark…it’s a vampy midnight purple.

What was your worst fashion buy?

On a cost-per-wear basis it’s evening dresses. I can’t resist anything silky, floaty and floor-length. I adore them even if they never leave my cupboard. The princess thing doesn’t always translate well into reality.

What’s the best style advice you could give someone?

Don’t give up on something that’s not quite right if you can get it tailored. There’s LookSmart Alterations at Pacific Fair, so you can drop, then shop…they turn it over quickly and are perfect for tweaking hemlines. The other is from my mum who used to be a seamstress. If the size of something is a little bit off, try another one in the same size. Even with machines cutting there can be a massive size difference in individual garments…some brands are worse than others for it. If I have to, I’ll head into a change room with every size 8 I can find on the rack.

What is your favourite clothing label?

Bec & Bridge. They work with beautiful fabrics and colours and they do “pretty” with edge. I also like Zimmerman, Sass and Bide for jeans and Tiffany & Co for silver jewellery.

When I’m not working I’m…at the beach, playing with my dog Chloe or drinking cherry, coconut and chocolate gelati thickshakes at Ferry R

d Market.

My favourite local restaurant is…I eat out so much for work it changes every second. I had an amazing meal at Vanitas recently. Nobbys Arc is cool too.

 My favourite local coffee shop is…Commune at Burleigh. Or a takeaway from Nook or Canteen to enjoy on Burleigh hill. Plus Elk at Broadbeach.

 In ten years I’ll be… on an island, filing my stories by correspondence while I befriend sea creatures. I’m stocking up on swimwear in anticipation.

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