Here are two local events coming up in the next few days that may interest all you fashionistas out there.

TEDDER AVENUE at Main Beach will be the host to one of this year’s biggest fashion events, the OCEAN, CITY AND SOUL FASHION PARADE. Some of our best boutiques like Adrenalin, Anthony Lee Dower, Amano, Lababa, Joy Hysteric and Jay Pask (just to name a few!) will be featured along with models from June Dally Watkins. It’s a free, community based event and it kicks off at 10am on Saturday 16th June.

Natural Spirit Collection

Here’s a great chance to support our local up-and-coming talent. DON’T TELL FANNIE at Nobby Beach is holding an event (the first of hopefully many of this kind) to showcase emerging designer Beth Skrzypek from Natural Spirit Collection. Natural Spirit Collection is a line of jewellery and clothing inspired by both tribal and contemporary sources. Each piece is unique using mostly natural products like shells, precious stones and wooden beads. The label covers a wide range of styles from summery days at the beach, right through to yoga gear. The event will be held at 6pm on Monday 18th June at DON’T TELL FANNIE (32 Lavarack Rd, Nobby Beach).

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