Neon yellows and soft pastel pinks…for most of us they’re just another fashion trend, yet for Kat and Dean McCauley, the owners of ADRENALIN, these bright colours have much more significance. In these gloomy economic times, it’s these cheerful hues that bolstered them back onto the market. “We went out on a whim last summer and just overdid the colour and it paid off. When the economy was down and everything was gloomy it really turned around our business. We’ve continued that trend through winter and it’s been one of our strongest winters for five or six years”, says Dean.

Dean McCauley

The Australia Fair based store is one of the longest running boutiques on the Gold Coast. It was started by the husband and wife team fifteen years ago, and today is still known as one of the top fashion retailers in town. “We are not a store that picks up a brand and then drops it next season then jumps onto another brand. We always tell a story and we always develop a brand. So most of our brands have been here ten years or more”, says Dean. In fact, they are the longest stocking boutique of Sass and Bide in Australia. You’ll also find many other top homegrown brands like Alice McCall, Rachel Gilbert and Zimmerman to name a few.

Of course, in the fickle world of fashion, longevity hasn’t been easy. “The consumer is a lot more fashion savvy now. They are so much more open to it because of the internet and magazines and everything – so she’s far more switched on! She knows the label and she knows what she’s after”, Dean tells us. So what is their¬†secret? They say it’s to keep re-inventing themselves. “As the trends change I’m very open to adapt them and move on, rather than clinging onto them and never letting go. We re-invent ourselves every season like artists who re-invent themselves. You need to do it in a way that keeps your loyal clientele coming back while keeping it fresh rather than getting stale”. While they try to keep up with the times, what doesn’t budge is their love of clean lines and minimalist styles. “And our success is staying true to ourselves and never really diverting from who our target market is.”

You can find ADRENALIN is at Australia Fair, Southport on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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