Many of us locals only veer into Surfers Paradise for a night on the town, but if you just venture to our city’s centre for nocturnal visits, you’re missing out. Nestled in the heart of the shopping district lies a gem, CUBIC COLLECTIVE. While it stocks a range of Aussie labels like Maurie & Eve, Rufus Green, Nudie Jeans, Bec & Bridge, this is a plain tee, CUBIC COLLECTIVE has it’s own style. It favours simplicity, yet their clothes aren’t the type you’ll find in the run of the mill chain store. You’ll find your basic white tee juxtaposed next to a funky cut-out leather jacket. That’s what this store this all about – beautiful pieces and creativity, yet with a distinct edge.

“The shop is a conception for us to display some of our creative outlets…as well as giving people another option of where to get clothes and something exciting and a little bit different”, say owner Julia WilsonCUBIC COLLECTIVE is the brainchild of Julia and her designer husband Andy. While Andy works on some of the designs, Julia runs the retail side of the business.

The physical shop has been running for around two years now and Julia says they’re still finding their feet. “As a boutique we’re still establishing our customer base”, but with a strong local customer base and over seven thousand fans (and growing) on Facebook, they’re definitely getting it right.

You can find CUBIC COLLECTIVE at Shop 6/3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

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