Winter is nearly upon us and with the season change comes a whole new race day style.

For tips on what to wear for the next racing carnival, we asked those in the know.

MAGGIE WHISH – Great-granddaughter of David Jones


1. Leave the straw hat at home and opt for felts and fedoras.

2. Try to find accessories that match to give your outfit a polished look.

3. Remember racewear is meant to be elegant – steer clear of dresses that look like you’re heading out to Cavill Avenue and opt for something ladylike.

4. Wear comfortable shoes, try wedges or adding padding to your stilettos, and avoid leaving the track with shoes in hand!

5. Get involved. Read up on the form, head to a betting website or ask a friend in the know before raceday arrives. Just imagine how many dresses you could buy if you backed a winner?



1. Bright jewel colours. People are moving away from blacks and wearing lovely ruby reds, emerald greens and yellows. All the brightly coloured hats are going out the door, even orange has been very big this season.

2. Think 1920’s. This style is very prominent for the winter season.

3. Every woman should have a black straw hat for summer and a black felt hat for winter.

GWEN E. HUNTER – Local Milliner


1. We’re seeing a lot more hats than fascinators.

2. People are going for a more classic look, inspired by Kate Middleton.

3. As for hat details – intricate roses and feathers are all the go.

4. Season Colours – Mustard, Red and Aqua


  1. Dale Olsson (Reply) on Saturday 12, 2012

    Quite what? Do you mean quiet? Sorry, I used to be an English teacher.

    • admin (Reply) on Saturday 12, 2012

      Hi Dale. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated! Please let me know if ever you spot anything else. Caroline


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